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The Innovative Concept Academy is a one of -a-kind school located in St. Louis, Missouri.  It is the only school in America overseen by a court system dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of delinquent teens.  Frustrated with seeing juveniles leave his courtroom only to return to the streets and a home life fraught with problems.  St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Jimmie M. Edwards opened ICA in the fall of 2009.

WIth no education or job skills, delinquent teens will likely face a life of cycling through courtrooms and jail cells.  ICA offers a chance to break that cycle.  With a full curriculum of math, science, English and history (plus extracurricular programs to challenge their minds) the Academy's students are being given their first real chance at changing course and building a productive, meaningful life.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

For many of our students, given their life struggles, just making it to a classroom each day is an accomplishment.  We know that not all will realize their potential and graduate to a brighter future, but for those who do, the Innovative Concept Academy will be the second chance that saves their lives.

Funding of ICA is in part through the City of St. Louis and a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Community Development Administration under the provision of Title I of Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.